Personal Business Advisor

Eazmo works with you and your executives to address ambitions and objectives as well as concerns and issues both in regards to your overall Corporate Strategy and your day-to-day Operations.

Eazmo’s Personal Business Advisor service is not an attempt at charging you to listen to us tell you what we can do to find solutions.

We stress the fact that this is cooperation between Eazmo and you, focusing on finding opportunities and solutions that give results and create value for you and your stakeholders.

Eazmo’s services are split in to the following three main categories:

Corporate & Business Development

Eazmo will work with you to

  • Create and Implement Vision, Mission, Goals, Strategy and Tactics
  • Enter into new markets/countries
  • Establishing suitable networks in new countries
  • Design and set up the organizational structure that’s right for you
  • Incorporate overseas
  • Manage negotiations together with you, or on your behalf
  • Develop your corporate culture
  • Improve meeting behaviour and output
  • Structure corporate measurements (KPIs)
  • Structure and execute business plans and corporate initiatives
  • Handle Change Management challenges and initiatives
  • Manage process and continuous improvement initiatives

Eazmo Equity

Whether you are looking for an infusion to help launch your business, increase your capacity or expand into new markets, getting an Equity infusion will take a lot of preparation and work.

With our experience of private equity funding, including preparing all the necessary documentation to successfully obtain an equity infusion, e.g. a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), Eazmo can help you get ready and assist you through the process.

We will work with you to highlight your unique selling propositions, identifying the risks in your business and develop mitigating actions as well as structure and negotiate a realistic proposal to investors based on their risk appetite and exit strategies.

Board Positions

Eazmo will be honoured to take board assignments.

Prior to accepting any board position, Eazmo will evaluate your business to ensure there is a match between the skill set Eazmo can offer and what your business needs.

Eazmo will take board positions in companies at different stages of their development, from newly incorporated with a proof of concept to businesses that are up and running with a proven business model.